Trend Lightly On Youtube – 6/26/2017

  1. Future – PIE ft. Chris Brown

As the 81,000 likes on the music video clearly signifies, many people will see this song as yet another “classic”; Classic meaning it will be played virtually endlessly for the next month on the radio.

I’m convinced Future is literally just a robot, and that Chris Brown is the rap equivalent to Donald Trump, at least when it comes to sustaining a wide following and acceptance despite clear issues with morality. However, considering this song is about a side-chick(s) and how hot she is, I’m sure morality is the last thing on anyone’s mind that is listening, or was making, this song.

As usual – beat is good, song is boring, brown is talented but an asshole, and future is a robot.


2. LANY – Good Girls

Relationships continue to be the busiest of the muses in the music scene – nothing new, nothing surprising, and nothing necessarily wrong with that either.

While I’ve never heard of LANY before, this half young attractive-version of Steven Seagal/half thinner version bartender from Shameless, manages to compose a relatively mediocre light pop-dance track, with a rather inviting instrumental, and a decent vocal presentation.

LANY does look like he’s taking his “moves” in the music video straight from a Madonna video – or any other female pop-star circa 1980’s – and plays up his “sensitive buff sexy-man with long hair and piercings” image like only the early 90’s could do… but he’s doing it in 2017. Nostalgic in a bizarre way, visually at least.

Give it a listen, but don’t bother with the video unless you want to fan ‘squee’ at a young Steven Seagal.

3. The Chainsmokers – “Young”

Hey, are you young? Do you like to do stupid and irresponsible shit, that you know not to do, and think it’s fun? Do you also listen to music that is 100% a product of whats currently popular, even it meshes about as well as gummi bears and brussel sprouts do? Then you already know the Chainsmokers, and you already like this song, and you already know that life is too just tough and boring for you to listen to all the stuff that literally everyone who is older than 23 tells you about constantly.

I don’t like this song. It’s not horrible, at least has a half-assed concept ripped from a few 90’s pop-punk songs, and is fine tuned to the ears of 14 year olds everywhere.




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