Please, Trend Lightly… On You-tube 7/6/2017

Kesha – Praying

Now, I’m not going to even try to dip my toes in the mess of a pool that is the Kesha-and-manager controversy, though you can’t help but feel this song is an active product/reflection of all the attitudes and views imposed upon her. I will say this: anyone can be a horrible person, artist, CEO, ANYONE. Never believe just what’s convenient.

That aside, lets look at the song: a piano driven ballad, accompanied by a combination of bright yet dark, moody yet bizarrely uplifting, and clearly a demonstration of frustration mangled with confrontation… The most personal song written, that I’ve heard, by the artist.

While Kesha’s opening monologue can either be taken as hear-wrenching, or eye-rolling (depending on your stance), most of the song is simplistic and straight-forward as far as a ballad goes. It’s biggest flaw is becoming instrumentally un-powerful during the last half… Which is a shame, because she is attempting to put as much emotion and effort into singing, which is definitely endearing.

God, do I start hating the song once the bass drum and chorus comes in, though. All the originality feels like it leaves it feeling kinda boring.

Can’t complain about someone trying to acquire artistic depth – so, kudos to you, Kesha – the artist formally known as Ke$ha.


JAY-Z – The Story of O.J.

The theme and artistic vision of the accompanying video is impeccable, haunting, and powerful… Jay-Z’s performance is solid, has a message, and manages to sound great here. Beat is great, too (as you can imagine).

It’s been a long time since I’ve genuinely enjoyed a Jay-Z track, so this was incredibly refreshing.

Look, there’s plenty to be said about this track that others could possibly articulate in greater detail – so explore this video if you haven’t yet. Pretty refreshing to hear an inspired, deep, and honest song, so kudos to Jay-Z.


Look, Macklemore was never an artist I really listened to in my spare time – despite acknowledging the technical ability, lyrical depth and creativity that is indicative of his music thus far.

Macklemore returns with a new track/music video, where he takes his Grandma out for a day, and speaks on a variety of topics. The instrumental is that same galloping hip-hop beat we heard all over the place on his last project, which is admittedly getting annoying at this point, but his heart and lyrical ability are both on point here.

Chorus sucks. Wherever is singing is annoying, and makes the hook unbearable. Ruins it, honestly.









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